If you want to fully enjoy Kobe,do it by taxi!



‘Won’t leave Rokko’ Tanoshii


Orosanai means won’t leave, then the taxi named “Rokko Orosanai Taxi” will take you around fully covers attractive
and famous spots on the nature-abundant Mt. Rokko.
And even more,  Rokko Orosanai Taxi will take you to one of the most famous hot spring in Japan ”Arima onsen”
where you can relax and refresh. Where you can relax and refresh, charge up your self and get ready for next day.



Sannomiya Hotel Terminal or Arima Onsen → top of Mt. Rokko →
Rokko Garden Terrace → Rokko Music Box Museum → Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden →
Sannomiya Hotel Terminal or Arima Onsen

3 hours and 30 minutes / 4 hours