If you want to fully enjoy Kobe,do it by taxi!



Departing from Arima Onsen, a ‘Sweets Taxi’

which will explore both the nature abundant Sanda City and ‘Patissier es Koyama’.


Departing from Arima Onsen, you can sightsee around the nature-abundant Sanda City.
After this, you will head for ‘Patissier Es Koyama’, a shop by Mr. Koyama Susumu,
who has a high reputation as a patissier and chocolatier outside of Japan as well as in the country.
Starting with the specialty, ‘Koyama Roll’, that received high praise in a world-wide competition,
there is also chocolate which has received various awards.
Many people from around the world come to seek the taste these exquisite sweets provide, and you can enjoy several of them as well.




Depart from Arima Onsen → Kobe Sanda Premier Outlets/ Sight seeing within Sanda City → Es Koyama → JR Sanda station.

3 hours